Hello Friends !
Welcome back to English Learning Tutorial Section.

Today, I am going to tell about Do you....? sentences. This type of sentences call Present Simple Questions.

Any way, look !
  • Do I work?
  • Do we work?
  • Do you work?
  • Do they work?
  • Does he work?
  • Does she work?
  • Does it work?

  • Do I like?
  • Do we like?
  • Do you like?
  • Do they like?

And you can use another verb to deference.

Read loudly and Listen with your Own
  • Where do you work on Sunday?
  • How often do you live on Sundays?
  • How much do you work near here?
  • What do you always have breakfast?
  • What do you always phone you?
  • What does Pavel do you?

Look !

With I/we/you/they.... use DO.... Do the like Cricket?


With he/she/it... use DOES.... Does he like Football?

Look Another !
  • Do you play Cricket?
  • Do your parents speak Bangla?
  • Does Pavel work hard?
  • Does your sister live in America?

Friends, today is goodbye.
See you tomorrow.